Install an internet booster device in your home or workplace.

Wifi Boosters in meath, louth and dublin

Are you struggling to get a strong WiFi connection while working at home? WiFi boosters can expand the range of your wireless network to harder to reach areas - including home offices in the attic.

Smart Sat Connect understand that having a reliable internet connection is of the utmost importance when working from home. Wireless networks need to keep up with consumer demand and can benefit from a little extra assistance.

Whether you are a sole trader in need of a more reliable signal in your place of work, or you are working from your kitchen table temporarily, an internet booster can quickly solve teething issues.

We supply and install WiFi boosters for commercial and domestic clients throughout Meath, Westmeath, Dublin, Wicklow and Louth.

Our WiFi boosters will quickly become a key cog in your working life as you benefit from an extended range of connectivity in your office or residential home.

Request an appointment with our expert WiFi booster installers.

Signs You Need An Internet Booster

  • Dead areas receiving no internet signal

  • Router is struggling to cope with user demand

  • Slow overall internet connection

  • Weak signal caused by thick walls

Find the perfect internet booster for your unique demands and property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help me find the best WiFi booster for my home?

    Yes. Smart Sat Connect help clients install WiFi boosters and WiFi extender devices that match client demands and requirements. Get in touch with us today to arrange a home consultation.

  • How far away can I place my WiFi boosters?

    A WiFi extender can be placed up to 150 feet inside and 300 feet outside away from your router. All extenders should be placed within range of routers but we will be able to provide advice and support to clients.