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TV Mounting Louth

For the best in Professional TV Mounting services in Dublin, contact Smart Sat Connect today. For years we have been the go-to company for Louth TV Mounting. Our extensive experience extends to TV mounting in homes and businesses. From quality, static stands to movable stands.
What makes us different is the diversity of our team's skillset. We can install TV mounts over fireplaces, solid walls and stud wall installations.
No matter the position, the type of wall or the size of the TV, we’ll be able to install the stand to the highest of professional standards. When you need a local TV mounting installation company, contact the experts at Smart Sat Connect today.

To request a free, no-obligation and fully customised quote, contact Smart Sat Connect today.

Advantages of Our TV Mounting Service in Louth

Smart Sat Connect remains one of Louth's best value TV mounting services. All our quotes are customised to the client, so our customers only pay for precisely what they need


We're proud of our highly efficient work practices. All our mounts are completed quickly to limit the disruption to your business and our household.


Our experts have been installing TV mounts in Louth for years. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied customers is a testament to our experience.

For professional TV Mounting in Louth at competitive prices, contact Smart Sat Connect today.

TV Mounting Louth FAQ

  • Where is the place to mount a TV?

    This is dependent on the size and shape of a room. Generally, you want the TV centre to be at about eye level. You want the TV beside comfortable seating to ensure it's comfortable to watch for long periods. Our team can recommend the optimum position for your TV.

  • Can A TV Mount be installed on a stud wall?

    Yes, our experts make sure the mount is attached to the stud walls wood to ensure a robust and sturdy hold.